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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cottonball Santa Countdown

When I was younger we did these in school and I have done them with my kids. Don't mind my "art" I had my 10mo old helping.

Materials: Paper Plate
                 Construction Paper (red and white)
                 Paint for the face
                 Cotton Balls X26
              Step one:  Cut a triangle out of the red paper a strip for the hat out of white and a half oval out of white for the beard.

              Step two:  Cut paper plate edge off to make a flat circle.

             Step three: Glue hat and beard onto circle. 
              Step 4: Print numbers 1-25 on beard and add a fluffed cotton ball to the top of the hat.

              Step 5: Paint on face (yes my face looks cartoonish but my son LOVED the face.
Starting December 1st we add one fluffed cotton ball to the number that day is. Number 25 is Christmas!!!