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Monday, April 23, 2012

Stuffed Peppers!!

4 Bell Peppers any color, I pick ones that are wide and stand on their own
 1/4 onion
 4 mushrooms I like the button ones
 1/2 lb ground meat I used beef this time
 2 servings rice I used boil in bag brown rice 
Seasonings- I don't measure my seasonings as I have my own blend pre mixed use what YOU like! 

Prepare Rice according to the directions. Mine takes 10 minutes to cook once the water is boiling
 While rice is cooking I take the tops off of the peppers and clean them out of the while ribs and seeds (spoon works wonders here) 

Dice the mushrooms, onion, and the pepper that was attatched to the part you cut off! 

Brown your meat, drain and sautee the veggies. Once they start to soften I add in my seasonings and the meat. Stir to get all combined.

 By this time the rice "should" be done. I drained the rice added it to a bowl with the veggies and meat and stirred until combined.

 Spoon into the pepper shells packing it in as much as possible. Place in a pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray. I used an 8x8 as that was what best fit my peppers.

 Put in the oven at 375 for 35-45 min. I like my peppers to still have some crunch so I pulled mine at 35min. Yes I am rocking the paper plates tonight. I don't want to do anymore dishes!

 Since it is just me and QC (aka Jared) tonight, I ended up packing up 2 peppers for another time. I will freeze them and reheat another day, by defrosting and putting in the microwave for about 5-7min.

   Now this meal is soo interchangeable. Add what you want with the rice mixture. Don't like mushrooms don't use them! Love fresh garlic add it in (preg aversion for me so I didn't). Want some extra veggies add some peas in. Next time I make these I am soo going to add a can of cream of mushroom just to see how that tastes :)