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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Car Seat Safety.

This is something near and dear to my heart. I didn't have all the information with my oldest was a baby and now when I look back I thank the lord we never got into an accident. So here is some information I have found and compiled to easily show the do's and don'ts

On your car seat there is a little clip between the straps and it is called the Chest Strap! It really does need to go at arm pit level. Having it lower is not safe as if you were to get into an accident it will push into the soft organs and possibly cause internal injuries.
Rear facing vs. Forward facing
  Rear facing is the Law at our children’s age when they come home. There are no car seats that I know of that even allow a child that small to forward face. Now I won’t get into the debate of ERF(Extended Rear Facing)

Keeping our children warm in the winter.
  Coats are NOT safe in the car seat! There are many ways and options to keep our babies safe and warm.
There are of course blankets, car seat poncho’s (this is my favorite) and of course yes you can put the coat on backwards AFTER your child is properly buckled in.

When Rear facing the straps need to be below shoulder level, they need to be tight with no slack, no twisting in the straps!  Aftermarket items are not to be used. They aren’t needed either.  This video will show you proper tightness, clip placement, and most of all will show you that there is no need for head positioners.
Installing your car seat.