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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

What do you do when 90% of the candy your child gets for Halloween is candy they can't eat due to dietary restrictions? Do something different!

 We went to trunk or treat with our local mom group earlier in October and while my boys had a blast when I was done sorting out what they could actually have since they are unable to have red dye there was about 30 pieces from 2 large buckets that were collected. My boys were crushed to have so much taken away. I knew I needed to do something else for Halloween night. So instead of going Trick or Treat we are having a party. A party with all safe treats for my little monsters. Thank heavens we decided this since it's snowing and extremely windy out.

Step 1- was picking out ideas for treats. I went to pintrest and put in the search parameters and let Jared pick what he liked. He now understands that red is bad for him and was pretty great at avoiding treats that he can't have. Then I took his list and made it more manageable for me.

Step 2- Find fun crafts that are easy for 2 young children to make for decorations. Again Pintrest to the rescue!

Step 3- The plan and grocery list. We had the hardest time finding the Ghost peeps and had to cut out one of the planned treats.  I made my list of what we were making and when. Since we home school we were able to take the week and have more crafting/cooking time. I love that flexibility!

Step 4- Start crafting/cooking! We had so much fun and boy was it messy but worth it. I had the party set up and ready the night before the party since normally Friday is full of errands, I didn't know it was going to be a weird weather day so I had to cordon off the party room from little fingers hehehe.

We invited our play date family for a time before the city Trick or Treat so they could still going Trick or Treating (again hello weather)

Spotify for music and lots of treats and we are ready. The boys dressed up because why not and I even ended up throwing something together since Jared was sure Mom needed a costume too!


Sugar cookie cut outs
Skeleton Cookies - We used the sugar cookie dough instead of gingerbread
Popcorn balls with Goblin Snot - We called it Goblin Snot because the boys said it was more icky
S'mores on a stick - We found just enough of the Ghosts to make this.
Mummy Cupcakes - I used the candy coating instead of frosting and we didn't use m&ms since we avoid the red dye.
Dead Cow dip with Halloween chips-
      Dead Cow Dip (Moms party dip)

1 1/2 lb ground beef ( I used 85/15 because it's what I had on hand)
2 blocks cream cheese
1 jar salsa
      Brown and drain beef
      Add beef, Salsa, and Cream cheese to crock pot on low. Stir to melt the cream cheese and warm through. Put on warm and you have dip!


Fall color paper chain
Candy corn Banner
Ghosts- I used crepe paper streamers instead of TP
Painted pumpkin
Jack-o-lantern bottles 

Jared is C-3PO and Liam was supposed to be R2D2 but refused to wear it so Skelly Jammies and a little eye liner.

I'm a cat... fleece triangles on a headband some makeup and black shirt and pants. Done!