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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Opal Apples

I was given coupons from Bzzagent to try these Opal apples. They claim that they won't brown and that is something that I was very skeptical about but hopeful that was true.

*They are only available from November to March. Non-GMO (something we in this home are working towards completely switching to)
*The are grown exclusively in Washington at Broetje Orchards and have since 2010.
*A portion of the sales go to their Youth Make a Difference grants that support youth-led non-profits involving food,nutrition, and agriculture. (this is something that always makes me want to buy from a company)

Ok my verdict:
     QC and LT (aka Jared and Liam) as always are my main focus when it comes to trying new and healthy foods. Jared was a little timid about the different color of skin but when I got him to actually try the apple he loved it so much I lost my apple! Liam was totally into trying out the apples of course. These boys will throw an apple away as soon as it starts browning and HATE when I use citrus juice on them to halt it from happening so I deal with a lot of half eaten apples or I buy the smaller apples in hopes they can eat them fast enough. Me I am a person who prefers a thinner skin, more tart that sweet, and juicy but not so much it drips down my face. I got all of this with my Opal apple! 
They are a nice large size and taste crisp with a nice crunch. They boys both loved them but the main thing I wanted to see was if they really were non-browning. So I took pictures at the start and an hour and a half later....

 We will be buying these again and again as long as they are available.

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