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Monday, January 26, 2015

Comforts for Baby- Diapers and Training Pants

Comforts for Baby

   I was asked to try Comforts for Baby from Kroger by BzzAgent. As I have 2 little boys one in diapers and the other in training pants at night I was all in for this one. Normally I would post my own pictures but nope not with this one.
   I picked up a pack of each the training pants and diapers.
         Liam is in diapers and I have been using these on him every day and accidentally one night.(I wasn't ready to try nights and take the chance of having a wet bed in the morning) for over a week.  These work just as well as the pricy Pampers I have been buying for almost 4 years. No wet bed, no wet clothing, and they fit him wonderfully! The little bees on the diapers are cute.
      Jared is potty trained but doesn't wake at night so he wears the training pants to save his bed. He loves the pirate theme and gets excited to wear them. He has woken twice wet but has done that even with the pricy Pull-Ups he was wearing. I was leary letting him wear these because most brands of diapers he has worn has caused him to get a chemical burn as his skin is extremely sensitive. So far though his skin is just as clear. They fit him great around the legs and are actually nice and snug on the waist. This is usually a concern as he has a longer torso but a small waist.

    I will most likely continue to buy these until potty training is done as they are considerably cheaper and a lot of times Kroger has digital coupons for them to make the price even lower!

                    I was given this item free and has no impact on my review.

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