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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Garlic and Herb Chicken and make ahead night!

  Tonight I wanted to try out that new Cooking Creme that I see advertised all the time. So with a coupon I was able to get it for 1.99 and also $1 off my chicken breasts!  Chicken was marked down which made this even more of an awesome deal. So tonight I had a big package of chicken tenders and a package of the cooking creme. With that I added some frozen green beans and a few new potatoes I got from the farmer's market this weekend.
Yes the chicken says $5.33 but I got another $1 off making it $4.33, the creme was $1.99, green beans were about 1/4 of the bag equaling about .25, and the potatoes were about $1. This was all!  This chicken I used about 1/3 of for this supper and cooked up the rest for 2 other nights. So about $1.45 in chicken. Dinner cost me approximately  $4.70 with enough servings for me twice and QC twice. I would say 3 servings total  at $1.57 a person.
  Now on to the recipe and how to!:
      Chicken Breast or tenders about 3/4 lb cubed
      1 container garlic herb cooking creme
      1/4 bag frozen green beans
      3 new potatoes cubed

                  Prep and cooking time: approx 30min

  First things first I cubed the potatoes and started them to boil with a little salt. Then I cubed the chicken I needed for tonight and put the rest in a baking pan with my seasoning mix.

The extra chicken went into my oven at 350 for 25min.
Like my throw away chicken plate. Its a lid from Chinese take out,  the container broke on me. 
Now I spray my non-stick pan with canola oil spray and add the chicken and cook until white on the outside. This took about 7min for mine. Meanwhile get the green beans out so they start to thaw.

Once cooked to white I added my green beans and half the container of cooking creme. to the pan. Stirred it together and added a lid. Dropped the temperature down to low and let simmer.

QC was getting soo excited :)
Now for the potatoes. By this time mine were just fork tender, and not mushy at all. Drained them, used the masher to give them a quick mush to break up the pieces a little and added the other half of the cooking creme to them. Stirred and put in the fridge to cool  down.

QC got to try the creme and approves of it!

Now the chicken in the oven is done and ready to come out of the oven. I took it out to cool and make QC his plate. He isn't a fan of his foods mixed so I gave him a piece of the oven baked chicken. Then mine was ready to be uncovered, stirred and plated. I was soo hungry and excited!

QC approves and there was even enough left over for us to have for lunch or supper tomorrow night! 
This was almost too easy of a supper, really yummy, and cost effective. Plus I was able to cook up enough chicken for two other suppers to cut down on the prep work! Which is a big bonus for me. 

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