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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Raspberry Sauce: quick and easy

So what can be better than a berry sauce? How about one that is simple to make. Or one that takes just 10 minutes. Or even better how about one that has 3 ingredients! Well here you go!

Ingredient and tool list:
   2 cups fresh raspberries
   2/3 cups sugar
   1 lemon
   Sauce pan
  Sieve or Cheesecloth

    Now for the directions! 
QC had to try my freshly washed raspberries to make sure they taste good. This is another one of my acquisitions from the farmer's market!

Put berries in a sauce pan.

Add sugar

Juice 1 lemon or use about 2-3 tbsp lemon juice.

My handy masher. Perfect for berries and mashes!

This is the mashed berries. Now heat until boiling and stir for 2 min. 

Add to blender and puree. It's hot so make sure to vent the top and cover with towel. I took the pour top off mine and used a paper towel to cover. 

Couldn't find my sieve so cheesecloth it was. I let it drip for a good long while to keep the seeds out and all the goodness in my bowl.

My finished sauce. It's now cooling and then will be stored in the freezer for the time being. Keep and eye out to see this recipe and my blueberry sauce recipe to be used in a special breakfast in a week or so when my wonderful husband comes home! Enjoy on desserts or breakfasts! I am planning on some stuffed french toast for mine. 

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